COVID-19 in Upper West: Social Distancing Still a Problem in Drinking Spots

Crowd at Safari Inn Spot Amidst COVID-19 in Upper West

Weeks after coronavirus was discovered in Upper West, Several preventive measures have been put in place including Social Distancing as a way of preventing spread of the deadly Virus.

Upper West Recorded its first Case of Coronavirus on the 27th of March 2020 after a Native traveled from Italy through to Egypt and finally into Upper West where he was tested positive.

The Issue of Social Distancing has become a challenge to several people in Wa Municipality after certain Drinking Spotted were crowded During Easter festivities and Some Regular Days.

Some Drinking Spots with such issues noted by the Upperwestmedia Team included Safari Inn Spot located on the Rawlings High Streets, the Spot is 100 meters alway from the Entrance of Wa School for the Blind. Another Spot Noted to Be Busy was Maxixco Gardens where several people Visited with the perception of Meeting town helpers for personal reasons.

Several Town helpers who Resided in Maxixco gardens were asked to Leave days before the Demise of its owner, these Strumpets from Several Countries have become homeless and have resorted to staying with some residents whilst they carryout their daily routine. Several others have Moved to Kedge Lodge, a Hotel on the Insurance Road where they carryout their daily trade.

Upper West has recorded 8 Positive Cases of Coronavirus in three Weeks.


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