Wa West: Strong Water Waves Destroys A Major Road Linking Wechiau To Wa

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A strong water overflow over a bridge along the Wechiau, Lassia -wa road has completely destroyed the road beyond use. The residents explained that this sad story happened in the early hours of Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Mr Isaac Chireh, one of the residents who shared some of the challenges said ” over 40 farms with well-growing crops such as maize, yam, rice are all swept off by the water.
He adds that this has resulted after over five hours heavy downpour making this year’s overflow heavier than the previous years. He describes it in his own words “history repeating itself in a bigger way”.

The assemblyman of Lassie-Tuolu electoral area, Hon. Michael Arah Sei-uu who loudly appeal for NGOs, philanthropists, the district assembly and the government at large for immediate intervention said the deplorable stage of the road has a great negative effect on many. He said, access to the district capital, more importantly, the district hospital is now a death trap as one has to struggle through the strong water waves.

Hon. Micheal said that business transactions between the two major communities (Lassia and Wechiau) are at fault, he indicated that district health workers, district assembly workers and Ghana Education Services staffs could not cross the water on the road to work. He assured his commitment to ensuring the deplorable road is fixed soon.

Simon, another resident expressed his worry over the inability of sick to access the district health hospital. He said sick patients that are referred to district hospital are compelled to stay home without any proper medical care.

He concluded saying that, there is the need to fix the road as soon as possible to save lives.

Doopireh John Chireh, reporting

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