Rashid Pelpuo apologizes for publishing Fake News




MP for Wa Central, Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo

Member of Parliament(MP) for Wa Central, Dr Rashid Pelpuo has apologized for spreading falsehood about a certain Deputy Minister in his attempt to make a point on a poor nature of the country’s roads in a tweet.

Dr Rashid Pelpuo was badly exposed in his attempt to make political capital of an image of a cross country vehicle that has been stuck on a muddy road.

The former caretaker Minister of Youth had claimed in a tweet that the image was that of a Deputy Minister of Food Agriculture in one of the communities in the Western Region.

His tweet sighted read “Npp Deputy Minister of Agric got his  V8  stucked on an abandoned cocoa road project in the Western Region. See how one community member reacted

‘We hooted at him because his government has abandoned the road for three good years now’!—Opayin Atta Mensah,Cocoa farmer”

It however turned out that the image in question was the President of Democratic Republic of Congo in September 2014.

According to the Saturday Vision that reported the incident on its Facebook page “President Joseph Kabila’s car got stuck in mud in Rushuru, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. He drove himself most of the journey during his recent tour of the region. His car got stuck in the mud several times on the way and the presidential guards had to get out and push it”.

But in a tweet apologizing for spreading falsehood and publishing fake news, the former Minister said “Politics is not the destruction of one’s opponents to consolidate power. It’s the construction of the destiny of one’s people” @fifi_kwetey To my followers: Trust me I won’t give my Twitter to another to manage after your barrage of criticisms. Sorry”.

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