WA: Car kills man, runs into a building and destroyed properties

The Unfortunate Incident Claimed A life at Kumbiehi

A Chevrolet car with registration number UW 16-15 belonging to a Gold dealer by name Wanga run into residents of Kumbiehi resulting to a casualty recorded and two left injured. The incident which happened this morning led to properties worth thousands of Ghana cedis destroyed, according to eyewitnesses the driver whose name is given as Koby a twenty-five year old man was on a high speed which led to the incident.

Immediately the incident occurred, the driver took to his heels but unfortunately for him he was caught and beaten severely by the residents, an instant search on the driver by residents of Kunbiahi found some drugs which include Indian herbs(Weed) and some Tramadol.

The accident claimed one life, left several others injured and also destroyed several properties including motorbikes, and Porridge seller’s utensils.

According to the driver Koby, he took the car without the notice of his boss Wanga, a Gold dealer in Wa Paani, to pick Wanga’s three children from Dondoli to Kunbiahi but the unfortunate happened.
Koby also says it is not true that they found Weed and Tramadol on him but he only have a rizzler and voter’s ID in his bag, but when he was interviewed by Journalist, he said he smoke the Weed in the house before going out.

The driver is receiving treatment at the Upper West regional hospital whiles the deceased is deposited at the morgue and investigations so still going on.

Filed by: DJ Prince

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