Wa Central: Politics of Insults not the Way Forward

Bipuah Mohammed With Upper Regional Minister(Right)

Not A Good Time To Belong To NPP/NDC _Wa Central.

Hmm,this is fast deepening into our midst. We are one with a common sense of purpose.
This game politics has come to bind us together. Better still,instill discipline into the fabrics of society.
It is a channel to bring developmental activities to the ordinary community member.

Gone were the days when we sought to the above and moved us one with a common destiny.

The beauty of Wa Central is that,almost everyone within the Constituency is related to the other by blood.Fact is that,Dr Rashid Pelpuo is somehow related to the Parliamentary candidate of the Npp in Wa Central.

My dear brothers and sisters,we should see one another as siblings and use the game we are today to positively project our constituency.

We are gradually loosing focust and deepening the hatred amongst us.Everyone Is fighting the other.It shouldn’t all be about the negatives.

My brethren,it is sad to say this,our constituency is fast becoming a laughing stock and our two candidates are fast sinking in the mud.So pathetic and disappointing.

Social media can make and unmake you.Why can’t we hold those doing this accountable .But instead,we adore and tap them at the back to continue insulting our opponents.

Let us debate on real issues.Issues of developments.Issues of public discourse and importance.

Truly,it is not a better time to be Happy of the constituency.A constituency that hospitality, generosity and oness was a fundamental hallmark.

As youth ,we ought to desist from negatively chastising adults.We mustn’t be seen with destructive critics.Let us objectively hold our leaders accountable to developmental activities.

No matter the situation,our life’s first before politics.So demeaning to see particular names from both political parties engage mostly in insults.

What shall it profit you to vilify or wrongly denigrate your colleague,better still,a parliamentary candidate or Member of parliament.

Politicians will always come and go,parties will come and go.But our oness,our culture ,our affection should stay with us.

Tell me we are not one,then I refer you to :
1.Our burrials.Go to the cemetery when a person is dead and see the togetherness.
2.Our naming ceremonies.So involving
3.Our funerals.

Hmm,if you are a young decent communicator of any party reading this post,refused to be used by any self seeking Politician.Have your own conscious and principles.

Wa Central is indeed the gateway to our dear region and we must live by examples.

Undeniably,we have a great culture.A culture of respect and principles.
Undoubtedly, we have great leaders from both political parties.

Your today’s lifestyle will surely be used against you tomorrow.



Filed by: Bipuah Mohammed

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