COVID- 19: Tahiru Lukman goes on self quarantine as he awaits test result

Mr. Tahiru Lukman is Suspected to be Covid-19 positive

A youth Activist within the Wa Municipality has gone on self Isolation after some signs and symptoms of Coronavirus reflected in him.


“I have for the past few day’s been feeling unwell and it is a near death experience.

I could not breath, swallow food, feeling dizzy, vomiting, fever.

The test result show’s that I had MALARIA + and do to the signs and symptoms of COVID- 19, my sample was taken for test on 14th July, 2020.

I am under self quarantine at home and awaiting for my COVID- 19 test result.

For now am continuing the course of my Malaria treatment, 5 injections and two infusions received so far, with drug’s to supplement.

I shall make known the outcome of my COVID- 19 test result whether positive or negative.

We must all adhere to safety protocol’s of COVID- 19; engaging in hand washing under running water, observing social distance, using alcohol based hand sanitizer, and report to the nearest health facility when one feel unwell.

I thankful to my friends and family who refuse to leave me alone and said, they are ready to go down with me. The love is deep. Agambire, Mustapha, Sulega am blessed.

For my beautiful MARIZUKATA you are a true definition of womanhood. I love you.

I need your prayer’s and also urge you all out there to stay strong”.

Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist

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