Sissala West: The Untapped Irrigation Potentials of Lipilime

A Section of Lipilime Community in Sissala West

The Lipilime community is located 5 km to the east of Gwollu, the district capital of Sissala West, with an estimated population of about Seven Thousand (7,000) people (2010, PHC). The economy of the community is essentially agrarian, with majority of the people irking out their living through the agricultural sector.

In relation to this the community in the 1970s through to the late 1990s achieved high feat in the commercial production of cotton in the then Sissala District of the Upper West Region.

As a result, Plantations Development Limited (PDL)/Nagem headquartered its operations in the community (Lipilime) which motivated them the more to give off their best, this brought about the putting under cultivation of almost all the lands of the community into the cultivation of this product.

This development came with its concomitant effects to the existing generation of the community, especially the youth, who had had to grapple with high numbers of youth unemployment due to land infertility and low agricultural productivity, environmental degradation; all leading to low standard of living in the community.

Though with vision and foresight some attempts had been made to overcome some of the aforementioned problems, which included the company (PDL), as part of its corporate social responsibility, partnering the contributions of the community to develop a dug-out somewhere in 1994 to aid in animal rearing, building and construction etc.

This small dug-out which had a very limited irrigation potential, left the people with no option than to crack their backs in a competitive manner by a lucky few ones on the natural spill ways of the dug-out, leaving majority of the people hungry for irrigable lands as the dug-out had since never seen any major rehabilitation, until 2012, the then government(NDC) awarded it under G-SOP Public Labour Intensive Works Project, sponsored by World Bank for some minor rehabilitation works which gave it some face lift and reinforcement to its embankments to the neglect of its irrigation aspect.

The community appreciated this very effort made by the powers that be of the time and lauded it so much, it’s their believe and understanding that, what they did was not enough for a dug-out which was meant for a population of less than Thousand (1,000) which had now been overstretched by increased population of about seven Thousand (7,000).

To this effect, we are intensifying our appealing modus through the deployment of other means such as this (social media) in order to gain the audience of relevant authorities and organizations to give this our major source of water for domestic and potential irrigation activities an urgent attention, by way of reaching out to the community to appropriately determine the irrigation suitability of this dug-out, which is located on a long valley or low lying land which run through the south-western to the southeastern parts of the community to the benefit of the residents of the community.

The community is specifically and passionately appealing to the government, Multi/Bilateral Organizations, NGO’s, CSO’s, benevolent individuals or philanthropists etc. to come to its aid in this regard.
Please have our regards in advance.

Filed by: Razak Luriwie Braimah

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