Sissala Land: We Need Roads Urgently – Nandzo Writes

Roads in Sissala Land

The people of the twin sissala districts are left out in the share of roads in the country. The twin districts have for decades suffered and complained to successive governments of their poor roads to no avail.

The sissala land is one of the oldest districts in the country. It is located in the upper west region of Ghana. It happens to be one of the largest district in the region. It is however surprising to know that the land is left out in the national development in terms of roads. This has made life in the area very unbearable.

The land is not just one of the oldest districts in Ghana, also is it a boarder town. The sissala land shares boundaries with Burkina Faso. The land has for years been the route to Leo market, a very renown market in the Burkina Faso. Many travel from all parts of the country to go for market in Burkina Faso through the sissala land. This suggests that sissala land is the major route to an economic town.
The region suffered from bad roads in the country. Many who have travel around the country will tell you the upper west region is the region with high rate of poor roads. The sissala land also happens to be the least when it comes to road network. All other districts will boast of few roads linking to the regional capital. The sissala land can not say same about the district.
The sissala land is the only district that is not linked to the regional capital. Despite the location and contribution of the district in the national development, they still lack roads. What have the people of this land done to deserve this unfair treatment from our government.
I remember in 2000, the Paramount chief was promised roads by the JA kuffour led NPP in the run up to election. After which he failed to keep to his promise. The Mahama led NDC government made same promise in 2012 but however attempted to link the roads but did not complete. The Bolgatanga Tumu Wa road is said to be under construction since 2014 but has not seen any improvement. The contractor has been on the roads but has not brought any improvement.
The roads are very bad that the people are asking for just motorable roads. They are not demanding so much from the government. To them, they just want roads that the vehicles can use without problems.
Let me also mention that the upper west and East are the only region in Ghana which are not linked by roads. This has made life not easy in those areas . The region will only be linked if the sissala districts are linked to the regional capitals. The districts share boundary with the two regions.
I will on the behalf of my people plead with all who reads this to help get the government to our aid. The people of this land are peace loving and very reserved people and will not resort to demonstrations to get their issues heard. We are at the mercies of all who can help solve the problem.


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