No Electricity, No Vote – People of Viahaa

Power Supply

The Chief and people of Viahaa within the Manwe Electoral Area in the Wa East District, are threatening not to participate in the 2020 upcoming general election over what they described as “total negligence” regarding development in the community.

Speaking to Info news last weekend, the Chief, Naa Yamuha Seidu, and his people expressed their disappointment over government’s failure to connect their community to the national grid. “Apart from Manwe and Bunaa, no other community within the Manwe Traditional Area, could boast of being connected to the national grid. It is as if government has forgotten of us”, Viahaa Naa bemoaned.

Asked whether he was in support of the decision not to participate in this year’s elections, the chief answered no. “Within the Manwe Traditional Area, our main challenge is the absence of electricity. Whether NDC or Npp, zero. It’s like we’re still under colonial rule. Government has forgotten of us. However, it is better to continue begging, than being arrogant towards government. The wise thing to do, is to continue to vote, while appealing to the government to come to our aid”, the chief suggested.

The Unit Committee Chairman, Mr. Peter, on his part, disagreed with the mild position of his Chief, on whether to participate in the 2020 elections. “I want to see lights in this our community, nothing short of that, no vote. Every elections’ year, these politicians will come and deceive us to vote for them, and when their desire is achieved, they forget about us. No amount of Maggi cube, can lure us to participate in this year’s elections. We can also afford ten cubes of Maggi. What we want in Viahaa, is lights. No lights, no vote,” Mr. Peter fumed.

They are therefore sending a strong warning to politicians, not to venture into their community with their campaign activities without electricity in the community.

Filed by: Info 91.1FM

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