Lambussie District: Technician Lynched by Mob

File Photo

On Wednesday 11th November, 2020, some residents of Samoa in the Lambussie District of the Upper West region allegedly lynched a photocopier machine repairer named only as Ahmed, to death after mistaking him for an armed robber.

The horrific act happened while the deceased who was a pillion rider behind another was returning from Gwollu.

According to an eyewitness account, the two run into the mob in Samoa who allegedly got information that some armed robbers were on motorbike moving towards Samoa from Suke.

The deceased and his colleague got alarmed by the actions of the mob who were wielding weapons and sticks. In an attempt to escape, the mob caught and beat them to pulp.

The prompt intervention by the Lambussie police could not save Ahmed’s life for he bleeded profusely . He died in the police car while being rushed to the hospital.

Over twenty(20) people have so far been arrested in connection to the incident.

The Police has since launched a full investigation into the matter.

Filed by: Bamie Ahmed/ Radio Was 92.1fm

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