Lawra: NPP Chairman Suspended 12 Days to Elections

Anthony Karbo(Left), Alhaji Mohammed Donkor(Right)




A new Patriotic Party chairman for the Lawra Constituency in the Upper West Region, Alhaji Mohammed Donkor has been Suspended from the Party beginning 25th of November 2020 after he was accused of campaigning against the Parliamentary Candidate of the Area, Anthony Abayifaa Karbo.

Mr. Donkor was on his campaign duties on the 23rd of November 2020 when the party’s Nissan hardbody pickup issued to party chairmen was seized by some party youth group believed to have been sent by the Parliamentary candidate, Anthony Karbo who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Roads and highways.

Speaking to the Chairman on a local based radio station in Upper West Region, he denied campaigning against the Lawmaker, adding that the party’s symbols and images of the parliamentary candidate were boldly pasted on the vehicle, furthermore, he added that some relevant documents of his were in the seized vehicle and that he needed them to attend to some issues after the issue was sent to the Lawra Police station to be addressed.

He added that he would vote for the party any day devoid of grudges.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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