U/W: Confusion Mars Council of State Elections in Upper West

Assembly Member for Kperisi, James Donkor

List of Members qualified to vote in this year’s council of State Elections within Upper West Region has been met with varied opinions challenging the fact that certain selected people within Wa Municipality aren’t qualified to vote According to the Assembly Man for Kperisi electoral area, James Kuusaana Donkor.

According to the Assembly Member, Abdul Rahman Topie and Mohamood Mumuni aren’t qualified to vote.


“My attention has been drawn to a list circulating in the public domain that the

following have been selected from the Wa Municipal Assembly to represent the

House as delegates for the impending Council of State Election, namely: Abdul-

Rahaman Topie Karim and Adams Mahamood Mumuni.

I Wish to state emphatically that there has not been any meeting of the Assembly

to build concensus or elect the said persons to represent members at the

impending Council of State Elections.

The Law requires that there should be a meeting at which a concensus is reached

or failing which an election is conducted among members so that the person(s)

who win would represent the Assembly.

Consequently, these persons in my view were not selected through due process

and do not qualify per the Law to represent the Wa Assembly as delegates in the

impending Council of State Elections. I therefore object to their wrongful selection

and representation and further call for the right process to be applied in keeping

with the laid down procedure in accordance with the Law.”

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