“Police Do not Take Money before Bailing Suspects” – PRO

Upper West Police PRO, Mr Gideon Ohene Boateng

The Upper West Regional Police Command has debunked claims that some Officers take monies and favors to Bail suspects in Upper West.

The Public Relations Unit of Ghana Police Service headed by Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng has opposed the notion that people pay money in order yo access bail in the Upper West Region.

Explaining further after an interrogation, Mr. Boateng stated that Bailing for Money has never happened in upper West Region and won’t happen in the Region.

He urged residents to report to the Police command should in case any officer seeks for money before bailing a suspect.

He added that a suspect can only be detained for 48hours in cell, that is two days.

The Laws of Ghana, It is worth noting that bail is free and the amount stated in the bail bond may only be enforced when the accused fails to appear to stand trial.

In considering applications for bail, the courts over the years have been guided by the provisions of section 96 of Act 30. Section 96(4) of Act 30 instructs the courts not to refuse bail merely as a form of punishment.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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