UDS Alumnus Donates to Jang Community Schools

Kogo Michael Donated to Schools in His Community

He is a development practitioner, Political Activist and philanthropies. Kogo.S.Micheal popularly called Miky graduated from UDS-WA CAMPUS with degree in Integrated Community Development.

He has developed a strong passion to influencing and impacting Communities. This passion have inspired him to put a smile on the face of pre-schooler’s at Tibani Kindergarten and Zambogo Primary/KG.

The beneficiary included pre- schooler’s in creach, nursery and kindergarten. About 255 pupils recieved a package of pencil and an exercise book, with brilliant and needy students received upto 5 exercise books.

Also, all the teaching staff were given a pen each as away of acknowledging their hard work in Training the future leader’s.

The pupils and school authorities were grateful to the young professional and philantropist for prioritising their school in this moment of hard times in Ghana.

Miky motivation to undertake such initiatives is the desire to support a positive course in building the future leader’s of Ghana.

The school authorities thanked him for the wonderful gesture and further appealed to other well meaning Ghanaians to support the school in different capacities. The headteacher of Zambogo Primary and KG has this to say “on behalf of staff and pupils of Zambogo Primary/KG, I wish to express my profound gratitude for your gifts offered to the pupils. May God richly bless you”.The school authority cited lack of uniforms, school sandals, teaching and learning materials for pre- schooler’s as a challenge to a successful early childhood education and Development.

Kogo Sunbayire Michael works with NaBCo as a District Supervising officer in the Nadowli/ Kaleo District-UWR

Filed by:
Tahiru Lukman
Dev’t Consultant, Pan- African Author and Youth Activist

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