Sissala East: Police, MTN Educate MOMO Merchants against Fraud

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Mobile giant MTN and the Police have organised a sensitization forum for mobile money vendors in Tumu.

The initiative is to foil persistent mobile money theft that has become common in the Sissala East Municipality.

The Tumu Police commander DSP Kumpe Gbele who initiated the awareness campaign said reports of increasing scam to vendors and the public were alarming as several cases came to their attention in 2020 involving sums of Ghc 1,000.00 to Ghc 2,000.00 and the highest being around Gh11,000.00 ,a report corroborated by the vendors whilst many have gone unreported.

Briefing the 13 participants on the topic ‘security tips to curb mobile money fraud’, DSP Kumpe ask the vendors to make their place of business safe by not staying too long into the night and see every caller as a potential fraudster”.

DSP Kumpe reminded the vendors to be aware of counterfeit notes uasage,and avoid display of too much money where they operate.

Mr Sulemani Wahidu the MTN mobile money AAD supervisor took the vendors through six major modus operandi normally deployed to outsmart the operators and the public .He has therefore advised the operators to;

“Change to new codes when you change operators or sales agents as a merchant”.

He asked them to “read the transmission message, analyse before you confirm”.

He added It’s fair to do 5 successful transaction a day than attempt to all transact ten and only 2 is approved”.

Mr Wahid observed the vendors to ” Keep the person transacting always infront of you instead of at the back or behind, and to serve one, at a time”

They were asked “to check their account balance before any transaction and finally cautioned “never enter your pin code unless you are performing a transaction”.

Also “share with your friends on how the frsudsters work to help educate all of us against these scammers Mr Wahid finally appealed.

Source: Radford FM

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