Why Mornah? Our Talent with over 7 Years Experience is Gone

Mornah Has been Selected by YALI to be taken to the USA

2021 Mandela Washington Fellow Leonard Sungbaare Mornah has over seven years poultry industry experience. He is founder and manager of Leomorsung a Wa (Ghana) based agribusiness which deals in egg and poultry meat production and processing. Leonard also works with smallholder maize and soybeans farmers in rural communities where he provides farm inputs and tractor services as well as market for their produce.
Leonard was a top finalist in the maiden edition of the Agrominds Africa Challenge in 2020. He is the 2017 best poultry farmer (Wa municipal) as well as a top finalist and award winner in the ENGINE business plan competition run by Technoserve Ghana in 2016.
Leonard is an MSc qualified Petroleum Geochemist from the Newcastle University, UK and holds a BSc in Biochemistry (KNUST). He aims to reduce poverty and unemployment through the creation of massive job opportunities in his agribusinesses. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, with the enhanced leadership experience as well as the networks built, Leonard will continue to expand his business and impact in his community.

Source: US Embassy Ghana

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