Assembly Members urged to eschew partisan politics in their activities

President of Assembly Men in Upper West Region has advocated against Partisan Politics

The Upper West Regional President of the Ghana Association of Assembly Members (GAAM), Mr Ebenezer Nabiebakye, has called on Assembly Members to eschew partisan politics and to join forces to work for interest of the Assembly Members, their Electoral Areas and the districts at large.

He said the association was formed to bring all assembly members on a common platform to advocate the welfare of assembly members but that partisan politics is militating against the objective of the association.

Mr Nabiebakye, who is also the Assembly Member for Boo Electoral Area in the Lawra Municipality, said this at press conference in Wa on Wednesday.

“…our enemy is politics, we are all enslaved with politics and sometimes I feel like weeping. We assembly members, we have been elected to champion development of our electoral areas but we have allowed politics to eat deep into all of us and we can’t even come together”, he explained.

According to him some assembly members were still not part of the Association and appealed to them to come onboard for them to demand a better welfare for assembly members.

According to him, the Ghana Association of Assembly Members was a non-partisan group without any political affiliation whose main objective is to galvanize the expertise of members towards achieving a better fortune for assembly members.

Source: Info Radio

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