Jirapa MCE Nominee “knocked out” in second round

Madam Christine Amadu was MCE for Jirapa before her Rejection by 20 Assembly Members

The President’s MCE Nominee for Jirapa Municipality has failed to Make it after going for a second round of election to be confirmed by Assembly Members of the Area.

The MCE nominee,  Madam Christin Bombanye Amadu who was also a Tutor at Wa SHS,  secured 31 Yes votes,  20 No votes and 1 Rejected Vote in the second round of voting.She had previously Secured  Yes= 31 No=21 Rejected=1 Total votes cast = 53 Making her unable to get the confirmation. 

She polled 31 YES votes, 20 NO votes and 1 vote was rejected today 11th October 2021.She was expected to get not less than 35 votes to be confirmed.

The Nominee for Lawra will be going for reelection as well on the 12th of October after failing in the first attempt,  he secured 21 Yes votes and 21 No Votes.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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