Gunshots at Wallembelle over Chieftaincy Disputes

Paragbielle in 2019. Credit: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

Parts of Sissala East Municipality have been heated as preparations are being made to enskin a new chief for Wallembelle Traditional Area in  Sissala East.

Prof Kendie Writes

What does it benefit a man if you gain the whole world but lose your life? What does it benefit a man if you become chief and all your people are dead? Killing and maiming opponents in the quest for power creates animosity and entrenches positions with long term negative consequences. All persons beating war drums jn Wallembele and actually now killing innocent citizens must bow their heads in shame. While calling for cool heads, I am suggesting as a matter of urgency a meeting of all of us in the diaspora preferably at Kajiaboi asap to deliberate on these issues to lead the crusade for peace. I will suggest a date suitable to all of us if you all are willing to be peacemakers. I have discussed the issue of a third party mediator for this chieftaincy case with the peace Council in Accra. The modalities are still being worked out. In the meantime, we should respect the decisions and advice of the judicial committee and MUSEC to maintain the peace. Why should my community become a war zone? Why? Shalom.”

From Prof Kendie

Source: Radford FM

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