3 Stabbed in Kambali Over Disagreements


Three young men from Dobile and within their mid twenties have had major disagreements with colleagues residing in Kambali over the whereabout of a Camboo Rider popularly called Amankwah.

The three from Dobile had visited Kambali at about 09:15 Pm on the 14th of October 2021 to find Amankwah over reasons undisclosed,  in their approach,  their words didn’t go down well with their colleagues in Kambali who were located few Meters after old KG Spot. The development resulted in a fight and as a result, Scissors were used on themselves in the process.

Two had gotten injured by the weapons used whilst one from Kpaguri who attempted to stop them was affected as the scissors pierced his hand. The victims were sent to their various houses with the fear of interrogation  at the hospital according to witnesses there.

According to eyewitnesses, A police officer who approached the scene panicked after he saw the weapons being used,  he had to leave the scene and went towards Mangu.

The Assembly Member for The Area,  Hon. Masahudu Adam has been notified of the Development and has promised to proceed with Investigations with the support of the police.

Source: Upperwestmdia.net

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