Bush Fires: A Nightmare to Farmers In the Sissala Area

Bush Fire in Sissala Area.








By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

A farmer by name Mr.Napula Nandzo Jua and his late forties, his wife, and farm hands struggled to stop an approaching ravaging bush fire which had earlier consumed one man’s(Mr. Mumuni) farm produce despite Ghana Fire Service intervention.
Farm produce residue serves as feed for animals especially ruminants like cows,sheep,goats,donkeys and so forth but get consume by bush fires in the area and a headache to farmers into rearing.
Animal habitats get consumed by this bush fires as rabbits,grasshoppers and others were seen running for refuge as their place of abode was engulfed by this ravaging fire.
Birds were seen feeding on this escaping grasshoppers despite the huge smoke engulfing the whole area.
The farmer and his team were immensely inhaling the smoke in an attempt to stop it from consuming their soyabeans heaped for manual threshing as all efforts to get machine to get them done speedily could not materialize.

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