Two Upper West Universities Scrap Sales of Application forms

Dr. Hilla Liman Technical University and SDD-UBIDS are Issuing Free Forms to Applicants

Two Public Universities in Upper West Region, Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University formerly Wa Polytechnic and Simon Diedong Dombo University for Business and Integrated Development Studies, SDD-UBIDS also formerly UDS, Wa Campus have all released forms free of Charge to the public in order to assist them in applying into the universities to pursue various courses, this is the Second Time SDD-UBIDS is issuing out this kind gesture after it was made autonomous in 2019.

SDD-UBIDS is located in Wa the Upper West Regional Capital, they have a website and one can type the school’s name in any search engine to get more details as to how to apply free of charge, some residents have commended The Two Universities and said the development will go a long way to stabilize the economy and put money in the pockets of many, initially before the development, people interested in pursuing any course were expected to pay not less than 205 Cedis to be able to apply for any program

The SDD UBIDS University was established by his excellency Nana Addo in 2019 likewise the Dr. Hill Limann Technical University. Enrollment for Both Universities have increased significantly with Several People Travelling to Pursue Pharmaceutical Science Program, Laboratory Technology, ICT, Estate Management, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Accountancy, Fashion and Design, Building Technology and Many Others, one would have payed Ghc120 to buy a form from The Technical University but its now free as per the School’s Management Directive.

SDD-UBIDS trains people in several development and planning programs, Integrated Community Development, Integrated Business Studies, Education Degree Programs such as Bachelor of Education in English, Bachelor of Education in Dagaare, French and Many other courses.

The two Universities have been commended by Residents in Upper West Region and beyond for their support in easing access to quality university Education.


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