Wa West: 30 Burkinabés Heading to Ga Arrested and Deported

Illegal Immigrants in Wa West

The Upper West Division of Ghana Immigration Service have busted and Deported 30 Illegal Immigrants heading to a funeral in Ghana from Baache in  Burkina Faso.

The Development occured on the 23rd of December 2021 in the Wa West District of Upper West Region.


On Wednesday 22nd December, 2021, at exactly 0840HRS, the vigilant personnel in the Wa West District Command, deployed along the unapproved routes at the Dabo stretch bordering neighbouring Bukina Faso intercepted Thirty (30) Burkina Faso nationals comprising of Twenty-Five (25) males and Five females.

Their ages ranged between 74 and 03. They were on board three motto tricycles.

Our preliminary investigation revealed that they were all from Baache, a town in Burkina Faso and had entered into Ghana through the Black Volta River. It was further revealed that the migrants were aided by some collaborators who uses canoes on the Black Volta.

The undocumented migrants were heading to Ga, a Community in the Wa West District for a funeral.

The migrants have since been repatriated back to Burkina Faso. The personnel led by the sector Commander, ASI Edwin Aasoyir took the opportunity to educate the canoe owners on illegal migration through unapproved routes, including the Black Volta River, more especially in this era of Covid-19.

We’re by this release urging all and sundry not to stand our way in the discharge of our mandated duty. The use of unapproved routes to and from Ghana is strictly illegal. The general public is therefore cautioned. The few unrepentant citizens might ne lucky some of the time but not all the time. Let’s play to the rules or be played by the rules.

Attached are pictures of the migrants prior to their repatriation.


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