It’s “unlawful” to Jail People Over Debts – Tumu Based Lawyer


A lawyer, Mr. Abu Juan Discouraged the Development

A lawyer, Mr.  Abu Juan has shot-down on a norm where police officers are being used to arrest and put people behind bars over debts they owe others in the Sissala area.

Speaking on the Radford FM ‘Masie’ Breakfast Show on December 30, 2021 Mr. Abu Juan said “the police have no role or capacity or whatsoever to arrest or put behind bars somebody who owes(debtor) someone else(creditor)”.

He told the host, Mr. Mohammed Balu Salia on the Show that the mandate of the police was to enforce law and order involving criminal offences which do not cover matters involving debtors and creditors.

The lawyer has also said creditors who report to the police to cause an arrest or put their debtors behind bars have faulted in the eyes of the law.

Mr. Abu Juan has however advised the public particularly creditors to resort to the law courts if retrieving their monies from the debtors become difficult for them.

He has therefore called for a stop to a long tradition of such ” unlawful” behaviors been perpetuated by the police and creditors in the area.

Radford FM News.

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