Wa in Upper West

We have quite a number of tribes in Upper West which makes it a Zongo indirectly.

The More reason we have diverse cultural practices and lifestyles in the Region.

Here are some of the towns, communities and where they came from.

Kaleo – Mossi from Leo in Burkina Faso

Takpo – Dagombas from Tamale and its Surroundings

Charia – Dagombas from Tamale and Its Surroundings.

Dorimon – Dagombas from Tamale and its surroundings

Wogu – Dagombas from Tamale and its surroundings

Issah – Kon in the Nothern Region

Wa-Sing – Kon in the Northern Region

Naahaa in Ponyentanga – Kon in the Northern Region

Boli – Kon in the Northern Region

Wa-Nayiri – Nalerigu in the Northern Region

Sissala – Few are Gurushi , Burkinabe and Some from Ashanti Tribe they taaboo similar things like Akans(WO Ku Apem a Apem Be Ba) Kotoko.

Jangbayiri – Nothern Nigeria

Wa-Tagirayiri – Mali

Wa-Liman Yiri and Dondoli – Jirapa

Kpongu – Some are from Wa-Fongu, Others from Takpo and a Few Sissala

Samunee – Some are from Nalerigu, others from Kanjaga Tribe in Sandema, few are Dagombas.

Birifo – Liberia, Bona.

These are the few we found. You can add your town’s history and Migration route if you know it.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

9 thoughts on “Areas in Upper West and Where they Migrated From”
  1. Wa-Tendamba are from Yendi .Naa Suuri Widaana left Yendi during the time of Naa Nyagsi to the present day Wa.

  2. Kanjaga is not a tribe or ethnic group but a tiwn in Sandema. The tribe is Builsa. Thank you

  3. Sankana People also from from Nalerigu we migrated to Paga from Paga to WA Gudaayiri then some moved to Sankana others to Lambusie and As3.So the people of Gudaayiri,Lambusie Ase and Sankana are pure brothers

  4. I think it would have been good if you had explained a bit Further so that readers can understand it better, Wa Limanyiri and Dondoli for instance, they are from the Same place Tagrihi are from, they settled in Jirapa on their way to their current location. So it’s safe to say they are from Mali too. Their grand father was the nephew of the Tagrihi grandfather.

  5. Sissalas are aboriginals. We were spotted as far back as the twelfth century ( 1100 AD) by Arab geographer Al Yaqui. (Ghanaweb) pre colonial history of Ghana. Thus the Sissala, the Talensi, Kusasi, Kasena, and the Vagla were in Northern Ghana before the arrival of Mole Dagbani, the Gonja(Mande). This was corroborated by F.K Buah historian and former head master of Tema Secondary school. History of Ghana 1980 Pg 32.

    The people of Wa Limanyiri and Dondoli are the same people known as Limanhe or Limanyiree. They come from Mali Mande. Jirapa is only a transit point to Wa. The (Limanhe) and the people of Tagrayiri are brothers from the same place , Mali Mande.

  7. Sissala’s especially the Hanvia tribe are Dagombas
    1.The hanvia tribe taboo the red earth pot
    2.The hanvia tribe is composed of several villages, which include;
    e.Part of Funsi
    g.Dagui etc

  8. When writing such things for the general public you do proper checks before putting them on line.
    The Talenses and kusaases are not part of the Grushes or Grunshes, they are a subset of the mole-Dagbanis.

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