Some Staff of Wa Polytechnic have kicked against the Name ‘ Hilla Liman Polytechnic’ As it was proposed to be changed by the President from present title ‘Wa Polytechnic’.

As Part of the President’s tour of upper west, he Was expected to change the name of Wa Polytechnic to Hilla Liman Polytechnic.
According to some of the staff, none of the other 9 Polytechnics have their tittles changed to an individual’s Name.

The Public Relations officer of the institution, Mr. Abdul Rahman Marcus has suggested there should be an act and due process has not been followed to change it.

“The polytechnic ACT, ACT 745 2007 established the Polytechnics which were named after the regional Capitals. If The President wants to change the name of the polytechnic just as converted to technical Universities by ACT 922 2015; Act 745 has stated it should be Known and called wa polytechnic, if you want to do Change of name it is proper that you go through that chain so that there would be a law stating wa poly is now called Hilla Liman Polytechnic but changing the name without formal procedures is not right.
We are dealing with regulatory bodies and our regulatory bodies know and identify us as wa polytechnic. If due process is followed we don’t have a say”. Mr. Abdul Rahman Marcus Said

This was Contrary to initial statement of the President on 18th January proposing parliamentary processes has to be completed.

President’s Statement

“The governing Council of Wa Polytechnic in the Upper West Region, in its meeting on 18th January unanimously proposed to the dynamic Minister for Education that the institution should be renamed after Dr. Hilla Limann. The Minister has sought my view on this, and I have indicated to him my happy agreement to this proposal. Once the parliamentary process has been completed, the Wa polytechnic will henceforth be called the Hilla Limann Polytechnic. The name will remain with the conversion of the polytechnic into a technical university,”

The Public Relations officer, Abdul Rahman Marcus added that the president initially attempted changing the tittle of Ho Polytechnic which saw rejection from the chiefs.


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