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Kojokperi is a community in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district with a population of over two thousand (2000) who are largely farmers. The health center serves about five CHPS surrounding it as Jolliyiri chips, Jampimsi, etc. 

It was the vision of the health center to grow bigger as others. But the story is different.

On the 8th of July, 2019, the member of Parliament for the Daffiama Bussie Issa constituency, Hon Sebastian N Sandaare paid a visit to now Kojokperi CHPS to ascertain progress of work on health issues in the facility. To his surprise, among the challenges mentioned by the staffs of the facility, included the degrading of the health center to a CHPS. It was shocking to hear this. He quickly moved to the district Director of Health Services of DBI for explanation.

What this means is that, the now Kojokperi CHIPS cannot take of other surrounding CHIPS as it used to do. All these CHPS will have to refer their clients to Issa Health Center for further medical treatment.

On the other hand, essential drugs given to health centers for treatment will not be given to now Kojokperi CHPS.

The staff of the facility looked down spirited, giving their accounts on this very matter coupled with other challenges they face as staff. The district can do better.

The questions running through our minds and the people of Kojokperi and it surrounding communities are that, where is the District Assembly? What briefing is given to the District Assembly concerning health issues? What is the DCE Hon. Eng. Imoro Nadi Sanda doing on this particular matter? Is the Assembly aware of this shocking news?


The delivery bed at the maternity is not proper, no place to file folders, no means of transport, incentives for mid wife has been in delay, no sitting units for patients and many other challenges.

It will interest you to know that, the DCE of the district comes from the very community in perspective.
Health is wealth and the people of Kojokperi and it surrounding communities deserve better health care.

Denis Andaban and Evans Gandiibu

2 thoughts on “DBI: Kojokperi Health Center Downgraded to CHPS”
  1. we need to always take our time when running commentary on some of this issues.
    The big question is Which institution, body or individual downgraded the health centre to a CHIPS.
    What neccessiated the down grading coz other health centres has the same challenges as the kojokperi health centre yet have not been downgraded

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