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There are several factors to consider in these stressful times of fuel Price increment. The Dollar was selling at Ghc13.3 on Friday, the new official conversion will be released on Monday 31st of October 2022. It is to determine whether fuel prices will increase further to Ghc20 or go down.

There are several ways to economize one’s petrol or Diesel in order not to lose more through fuel.

1. Service or work on your motorbike: Avoid using substandard parts In these times, buy quality engine oil, buy quality chain and sprockets, buy quality tyres, buy quality fuel. Not all fuel can last in your machine, buy Super XP and save your money. When a motorbike uses substandard parts, it does not move freely and this puts more pressure on the engine to consume more fuel. To be on a safer side buy sealed oil from oil marketing companies.

2. Reduce Speed and start distant travels early: once you reduce the speed at which you move your bike, you are most likely to save fuel compared to people speeding, speeding puts more pressure on the bike and as a result reduces the fuel. Also traveling during the afternoon increaeses the rate at which the fuel is converted to flame, this is as a result of overheating. In order to save fuel, travel early from 5am to 10am or from 5pm onwards to save fuel.

3. Use Vehicles or Bikes with lower horsepower: a motorbike with a lower horsepower will save you more fuel in these times, an engine capacity of 100 or 110 is more economical compared to one with capacity of 125, 150 and Above. With cars, an engine capacity of 1.8 is more economical than 2.5 and above. To be on a safer side, park those with high capacity and get an Economical bike or car.

4. Use shortcuts: There are certain places you don’t need to go with a vehicle, places like visiting the toilet in the bush, traveling to check if someone is at home or somewhere, you can use a phone to cross-check. Travelling to all funerals, you have to be picky for now, there is no money to attend every funeral on a bike, difficult times trigger changes. It will be economical sometimes to join a tricycle to a place. No need going round Town to get to a place, analyse the shortest way to get there.

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