Nasa announced astronomers are on
the cusp of finding ‘another Earth’ It is to reveal Kepler’s latest
discovery at a news conference on
Thursday Kepler Space Telescope has spotted
1,028 planets since launching in 2009 Astronomers may be preparing to announce
the discovery of a planet similar to Earth that
has been found orbiting another star. Nasa is due to hold a news conference on
Thursday to reveal the latest discoveries from
its Kepler Space Telescope, which has been
scouring the skies for planets outside our own
solar system. The telescope has discovered more than
1,000 of these so-called exoplanets since it
was launched in 2009.Astronomers with Nasa are preparing to
announce the latest results from the
Kepler Space Telescope and have
hinted they may have discovered a
planet similar to Earth orbiting another
star within the habitable zone where liquid water may form. An artists
impression of an Earth-like planet
orbiting a star is shown above


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