CEO of Glazoya Help Foundation, Madam Zoyare Gladys

A nurse with Jirapa St. Joseph Joseph Hospital by Name Zoyaari Gladys has defended polygamy urging men to marry more women.

In her statement she explained that without Polygamy she wouldn’t have been born into the world.

The statement of encouragement to men was made during mothers day celebration observed on the 8th of May 2022.

Zoyari Glady doubles as a Manager of an NGO by name Glazoya Health Foundation.


“My dad got married to 7 wives ( he dowried all his wives so they aren’t mistresses). Unfortunately last year I lost 3 of my amazing step mothers remaining 4 now (my mom included).

They were really good mothers. If you come to my family you may not know whose mother is who unless someone tells you.
I wish all my remaining mothers alive happy mothers day.

NB: Polygamy though has lots of negative effects there is positivity too. I may not have been born”



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