Voting going on at Jirapa

The NPP’s Election Committee Chairman for Jirapa Constituency,  Mr. Aziz Gado has defended the party for printing extra ballot papers for the elections held today 30th April 2022.

He noted that voting is going on smoothly at St. Augustine’s JHS Park in Jirapa.

The Chairman in a statement after questions from Gangaa FM’s Marcelinus Mwinsagra  explained that usually during elections some people may have spoilt ballot papers and need to replace them,  he added that its normal to print 5% of the total number of ballot papers in addition as standby incase of uncertainties.

Mr. Aziz Gado, Chairman of NPP’s Vetting Committee of Jirapa

“Delegates are 749 but to print ballot papers you make provision for spoilt ballot papers,  so we have made provision of 5% so for every position we have extra ballots of 800”.

He commended the electoral commission for Making making all necessary documents and books available to regularize the process

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Source: Mwinsagra Marcelinus/Gangaa FM


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