Princess Widaana(Left), Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih (Right)

A Social Advocate from Upper West Region who Currently Resides Overseas has descended on the Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih for Turning down her request to Assist some communities with Stationeries.

According to Princess Suuri Widana who voiced out her displeasure on Northern Unity Page, she indicated that in 2019, she came to the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council to seek for a means of transport in order to go round some communities and donate Stationeries to Schools, as a result, she contact the Upper West Regional Minister Personally and delivered her request, Madam Widaana Indicated that the Minister Declined her request indirectly by failing to contact her or communicate back to her, she continued that efforts to communicate with the Minister afterwards proved futile, she added that the Minister Mistook her to be a Sympathizer of the NDC and as a result opted to ignore her benevolent request.

“I went to Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih to Assist me with a means of transport, he declined and never contacted me back, I was to donate some books to Schools and thought It would be wise to contact the father of the region but he was antisocial, he thought I’m NDC and as a result turned my offer down, I contact my brother Peter Lanchene Afterwards and the Books were donated to Communities in Wa West, some were sent to Funsi”.

According to Princes Suuri, her Stationeries were sent to Wa West and Parts of Wa East Including Funsi.


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