Haujue 110-3

Prices of the most Patronised lifestyle bikes in Wa have gone down by 22% in recent days.

This sparked joy amongst some group dreaming to buy those bikes and others who fell inferior with their bikes.

The excited Individuals wishing to buy those motorbikes suggested the initial Ghc4,500 it was being sold at made it hell to to even think of getting enough money to buy the bike adding that their girlfriends have left them over those motorbikes for some other guys with the bike.

Those feeling inferior with their motorbikes including Luojia, Haojin, Apsonic bikes said its a good call because people thought they were unable to afford such bikes forgetting motorbikes serve different purposes.

Some other owners of Haujue 110-3 bikes suggested it was unfair to bring the prices down because it made their initial effort of raising huge sums in vain reducing the value of their bikes in the eyes of the public.

The price of Haujue went down by 22% from Ghc4,500 to Ghc3,500 in Wa Municipality.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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