Lassia Tuolu SHS

Lassia Tuolu SHS is one of the Oldest Senior High Schools in the Upper West Region.

As a school Established based on the Catholic doctrines, it has produced several reliable human resources including Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Civil Engineers etc.

The current member of Parliament for Nadowli-Kaleo, Mr. Anthony Sumah is a product of the School.

There are reasons why Lassia Tuolu SHS Seized soft drinks and some foods from students.

Based on the school’s code of Ethics, soft drinks are not allowed because they distract the attention of students and divert their focus to fun and entertainment.

According to the Headmaster, Mr. Emmanuel Banungwie, he indicated that foods allowed in the school are:

Shito, Gari Fried Groundnuts/Bambara Beans, Sugar, Kulekule(KP), Tom Brown, Basi. No canned goods are allowed.


1.You will not be allowed to change the programme that you have been offered by the computerized placement system,
2 Lassia-Tuolu Senior high is a catholic school. You will therefore be required to observe minimum of  Catholic  Religious practices. particularly attending school masses and morning devotion.
You are to bring along the following admission requirements:

BECE results slip

BECE placement form

BECE placement sip
. You are also to bring along a VALID health insurance card
. possession of mobile phones by students is highly prohibited.
. The edible provisions allowed in the school are: shito, gari, fried groundnuts/Banbara beans Sugar, kulekule (KPs), Tom Brown, “basi”. No canned foods are allowed.
7. Girls are to bring along a white shirt and a black skirt, while boys are to bring a white shirt and a pair of brown shorts for temporary class wear.

8. Study carefully the enclosed prospectus and bring the items listed to school.

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