Street light pole in wa Broken.

Street light poles in Wa have not been replaced after some vehicle owners and natural disasters pulled them down.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Wa Central, Issahaku Tahiru carried out a maintenance exercise to replace worn out bulbs in some of these light poles introduced in 2010.

Any Native of Wa township and its surroundings who accidentally or intentionally breaks a pole gets charged an amount not less than Ghc4,500 by the Wa Municipal Assembly.

10 Poles got broken on the JJ Rawlings High Street Alone between 2010 and 2019 summing up to a loss of Ghc58,500 on the High Street Alone.
7 have been recorded on the Kambali Lane Alone with 6 on the Sena Waala Street Stretch.

The High Street has been met with partial darkness as a result of these broken poles with no replacement done.

The public have questioned what has been done with the money and seeked for accountability from the Assembly to ensure there is fairness in the use of the Assembly’s funds and levys.

Checks by upperwestmedia pointed out reasons why some of these poles break easily after some slight rain winds.

The poles have been used for advertising and by this have subjected the poles to wind blockage, this makes the poles prone to pressure from winds which ends up pushing some of these poles down.

Similar incident is with a pole which fell directly in front of the Wa main Traffic joint on the JJ Rawlings High Street linking the Dodoo Street a week ago after a mild rainfall.

The street lightening initiative was brought to wa in 2010 when Mr. Mahmoud Khalid Was the Regional Minister for Upper West.
The project was planned to cover the JJ Rawlings High Street Alone but was later extended to other parts after the minister’s Proposal.
repairs and maintenance of the 2,150 streetlights in the municipality took place in January 2018 after it was confirmed to have cost the Assembly Ghc196,000.00 in December 2017.


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