Upper West NPP Regional Secretary, Dr. Tanko Daniel Dauda

Dr. Daniel Tanko Dauda, the Upper West Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has dismissed assertions that the party pays its chairpersons a monthly salary of 50, 000 Ghana Cedis.

He indicated those allegations are not true as only the secretaries of the party are those who receive monthly allowance to run the party, per the constitution of the party.

According to him, the secretary position was supposed to be a full-time job but the inability of the party to put them on a monthly salary is what has made the party allow the secretaries to engage in other activities in addition to their mandate.

“No, I don’t think that can be true. So just one person who we are paying him that much, the regional chairmen are sixteen if you multiply 50,000 (Ghana Cedis) by 16 that’ll be 800, 000 (Ghana Cedis). Even the President himself how much is his salary?, ” he queried.

He said this Wednesday, June 22, 2022, on Radio MAK’s Daily Connect evening programme.

Reacting to a question by the host – Tina Musah Adams – regarding the claims that chairpersons of the party receive a monthly salary of 50, 000 Ghana Cedis, the affable politician cum academician said:

“In the constitution, it’s only the secretaries (who are paid), and in fact, the secretary’s position is supposed to be a full-time job but because the party is unable to pay these officers, they allow you to engage in other activities or jobs while the party gives you some allowance. It’s only the secretaries that get allowance from the party.”

Dr. Tanko Daniel intimated that as the former two-time Regional Treasurer of the party, he has no record of salary payments to chairpersons of the party even though he cannot deny they also have some avenues of also benefitting from the party adding that, of all the executives it is only the secretaries that are renumerated.

The newly elected secretary  rolling out his transformation agenda as the new scribe of the elephant family in the region, highlighted party discipline as one of his major focus.

He advised party faithfulls to make use of the internal party structures in addressing their grievances instead of always resorting to the media to vent their frustrations.

He also mentioned that he was going to continue his work as a scribe from where his predecessor had stopped since party work is a continuous process.

He allayed fears the formation of the regional executives from the two camps could likely stifle party work.

Source: Radio Mak 105.5FM

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