The 19th congregation of University for Development Studies Wa campus to Boycot the 19th undergraduate graduation ceremony which will be held on the 10th November, 2018 in Tamale instead of Wa campus has caused an outrage among graduands because of change of venue at later hours from Wa campus to Tamale for reasons unknown to the graduands.

The sudden decision to change the venue of the Graduation ceremony is not only insensitive and slighting, but also a glaring proof of how low the UDS Administration regard Students.

Reasonably, one is tempted to think we would have learnt lessons from the recent happening of the KNUST, but it is sad our authorities are impervious of students as stakeholders of the decisions they make. The sudden decision also is proof of how poorly planned everything is, no proper planning will require that sudden knee jerking decisions are made during the tail of events. Graduands have made reservations for hotels, invited family and friends and are planning enthusiastically for the ceremony which has been traditionally been held on Wa Campus only to be instructed that there has been a change of venue!
If for any reason, changing the venue of ceremony was very essential, then graduates should have been consulted (at a given reasonable time) and their views taken. Sadly if the administration, insists on not regarding students, then students will resort to untoward ways of getting their voices heard. I pray it doesn’t come to this. Let’s all be mindful as students, that we all are in this together, let’s take tough decisions now so that our brothers and sisters would not have to go through the same struggles, Graduands voiced out
Students are also demanding from authorities to know why a sudden change in plans.

According to sources, the majority of the students are from Wa campus and the need to move them all to Tamale campus will not be accepted. They should go by the old rules for a peaceful graduation, one graduand lamented.

By: Adam Rashid

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