Deputy Director of Africa Imagination Network(Ainet), Mr. Abubakari Saani

The Deputy Director of African Imagination Network (Ainet) Mr. Abubakari Saani has blamed incessant transfers in Upper West Region major reason for poor performance of students in the Basic level of Public Schools.

In an Interview with Upper West Media Team, he suggested such can be Reversed if Transfers are worked on, he discouraged the idea of transferring teachers regularly in the Upper West Region.

“..There has been a lot of inconsistencies, in transfer of teachers, but Performance must be measured with some number of years… inconsistencies in transfer of teachers is part of the causes of failure of pupils in the Municipality and possibly the region as a whole because sometimes some of the transfers are done in an adhoc manner, because if you Transfer someone the person is entitled to transfer grants but how many of the teachers enjoy Transfer grants?

Because if you Transfer someone and what is due them is given, people won’t transfer anyhow, they don’t pay any transfer grants, that is why they Transfer people arniteray like that, if you want to transfer someone, even from one School to the other, the reasons are that, psychologically, you distabilise the person, once you distabilize the person there is the need to touch something on the pocket to be able to cushion the person somehow..”


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