Old Regional Library, Wa

Few days after assets of Sir. John Were Declared, several people have expressed varied opinions as to the amount of wealth he has amassed in a short while including plots of Land in his name at Achimota Forest.

NAGRAT Office, Wa

Checks in Parts of Upper West Proves some but not all state Lands are still in shape as upperwestmedia Team continues to monitor new developments, meanwhile in Wa, Some State Lands are being Redeveloped, the Ghana Revenue Authority is set to move to the heart of Wa Town with it’s Municipal Branch, it’s new office will be situated on the Sena Waala Street, other plots within same area are being cleared pending different projects.

Some state Lands by the Hilla Limann Highway have attracted new private and public Development projects including the NAGRAT Office situated with a State Land and The Care Diognostic Laboratories situating it’s new office close to the New Upper West Regional Library, The Wa Senior High Technical School and National Association of Graduate Teacher’s Office(NAGRAT).

As the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr. Henry Quartey Keeps fighting to prevent state Lands including those of CSIR from being encroached, it’s prudent for other State Institutions within Other Regions to emulate such a positive Mark.

Are State Lands in Wa and other Municipalities and Districts Safe at all? Citizens are urging state Institutions to cross-check and confirm for Us.

Source: Opera News Ghana

By Upper West Media

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