Back2 is a Rapper from the Upper West Region

A Popular rapper within the Spheres of Upper West Region by name Back2 Gh has advocated against youth in Upper West Region limiting themselves to Nursing, Teaching and Trading alone as their sources of income in the 21st century.

According to the Rebirth hitmaker, such jobs do not make people and a place rich.

He urged the youth to consider other options but failed to list such options in a statement he released on his social media handle on Tuesday, 17th January 2023.

“The way the world is moving, every serious young person should at least acquire not less than 3 skills in every sector he finds him/herself

The reason for upper west being underdeveloped is that…the average youth in upper west is either a teacher, a nurse or a trader.

The kind of mindset we the youth got, unless miracles else it will be extremely difficult to succeed in upper west our mother region.

We only think life is all about a single room self contain, a motor bike and one Sherifa to grease our bed every evening.

A certain lion 🦁 calls himself a rapper ask him what other skills he has acquired in relation to music.

A certain man calls himself, whether a blogger or a journalist… ask him what other skills he has acquired in relation to blogging.”

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