Some Haojue Bikes in Tamale

A Motorbike Agent from Upper West Region but based in Tamale has advocated against purchasing a Motorbike in Wa at a high price.

He blamed the extortion of residence on their unwillingness to communicate with people outside the region in order to find out prices elsewhere. He added that the issue of Upper West was like living in a ‘hole’ and not willing to climb up to see the light.

According Mr. Dery, Prices of Haujues in Tamale are far Different from What is quoted in Wa.

He added that currently prices are dropping and some shops are selling Haujue 110-5 for Ghc13,500. He continued that Luojia was the cheapest of the models when it comes to prices. He added that people should make inquiries or even travel to a different region to check prices rather than trading in their comfort zone always.

“Some people do not check prices elsewhere, prices are very low in Tamale, even in Burkina, close to Babile, Aloba is sold slightly above Ghc7,000”.

Mr. Dery revealed that Haojue Bikes are brought inn from Benin because that is where the Bigger company is. He added that agents go there to buy them as low as lower Ghc5,000 in CFA equivalence but resort to inflate prices in Upper West Region. He added that Motor documentation with customs isn’t above Ghc1,000.

He urged people interested in Buying Apsonic Motorbikes to also make it a point to contact the headquarters to compare prices. He discouraged people from mentioning their location in the process added that usually they should first indicate or mention communities in the Southern Belt.

Mr. Augustus Dery is a Bike Agent in Tamale, he sells slightly used motorbikes. He will be updating us with prices of bikes and slightly used ones available, you can monitor our Facebook status for affordable bikes.

Call Dery: 0552314893



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