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When one buys a car and registers in in the Name of his or her Region, it creates room for more roads to be Constructed in the Area, it’s similar to population and it’s relevance to an electoral area.

For instance when an area has more people, more revenue is likely to be generated and based on the revenue generated part of it is Channelled towards development.

In the case of registering vehicles what happens is that the DVLA factors into place a number of vehicles registered under a region, this action tracks how revenue is flowing within the region and how much is being mobilized annually from the region.

This also means that if a region has a few vehicles being registered you do not need high standard roads such as highways and major or first class roads.

What you will be entitled to is second and third class roads so usually the highest standard or big projects are given to cities with more vehicles registered under them for instance, Accra, the number of standard and high class roads there are many.

How do they analyse or consider Accra, what is the reason for considering Accra, the reason for considering Accra is that Accra has more vehicles registered under the region’s database and it means that the roads have to be expanded so there are more motorways overheads in Accra because of the number of vehicles registered in Accra.

Recently the number of vehicles registered in Tamale has increased and as a result an overhead is being constructed.

These are reasons why you should register your vehicle under your region to create room for the office to consider the region when bigger projects are brought to the table.

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