Bernard Mornah

Former Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Mr. Bernard Anbataayela Mornah Has revealed that the Kaleo Solar Project Commissioned by President Akufo-Addo on the 23rd of August 2022 is not owned by People of Kaleo.

Mr. Mornah issued the statements in an interview with Morris Banaanwine on Thursday 25th of August 2022 at Radio Waa.

He explained that during the President’s visit to the area light had gone out six times, he linked that to the lack of control over the project signaling that, if the project was to be of benefit to the town(Kaleo), they wouldn’t have experienced such power cuts during the president’s visit to Commission the project.

“Whilst the process to Commission the solar project was Ongoing, six times, lights went off in Kaleo, you were Commissioning lights, power and six times lights went out in Kaleo because, the project which was Commissioned is not being used by us, which group is to control it?, It’s NEWMONT, NEWMONT is the offtaker, they have taken it and they are using it yet our people gave land, with solar, whilst you invest the initial capital, the cost of generation becomes cheaper, the people should be expecting that by now you should even be taking them off from the national Grid and link us up to the solar, that is not what is happening, we were only clapping for the president, he was so happy that he even insulted me(Bernard Mornah)”.


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