Seed of Hope Foundation with Students

Seed of Hope Foundation, a local base NGO was launched on 14 May 2022 to officially carry out its defined course to supporting child education and wellbeing in the Sissala east and west districts.

The organization has set out a mission to provide educational support to rural children and expose them to modern technology in their learning environment towards achieving sustainable development goal 4 which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The NGO has targeted 1289 students in the enclave for digital learning in a mobile learning project that the organization started with.

Speaking during the launch, the chief executive of Seed of Hope Foundation madam Hallu Fatimah Alhassan said that “as Seed of Hope Foundation, we want to be known for leading in child support in the education sector in the Sissala area to achieve excellent learning outcomes.

She further indicates that Seed of Hope Foundation currently focuses on providing educational resources to rural children, exposing children to technology by way of introducing them to digital learning opportunities as the organization provides tablets that are connected to a Rachel device serving as the internet for learning.

We as well identify needy children and offer them special support to speed up their academic progress in school madam Hallu Fatimah noted.

70 students benefited from the organization last year, while 100 students were also supported with school uniforms, sandals, books, pens, and pencils each during the launch.

She, therefore, urged that as the Seed of Hope Foundation plays a key role in supporting children, parents should not fold their arms but should as well do what they can to help their children to succeed.

Money not only can help a child to succeed, but parents can also teach and advise children as it has more value than the money she urged.

The chairman of the occasion Kouro Zakariya Mahmud Savei noted that he is not the least surprised to witness what seed of hope has been achieved so far. He expressed that “we cannot underestimate the key role NGOs and CSOs play in the development of rural communities”. “We, therefore, expect Seed of Hope Foundation to fight poverty, be the voice of the voiceless and also join the fight against corruption”.

We expect you to inculcate the habit of probity, accountability, and transparency. Kouro Zakariya Mahmud Savei also urged the NGO owners not to personalize the organization to not bridge the level of confidence the community and donors have for it.

Seed of Hope Foundation Has been Lauded by teachers and parents who found that the Chief Executive Madam Hallu Fatimah a teacher, has personally used her salary to support needy children until she formed the organization.

Some participants at the event included chiefs, parents, and teachers of beneficiary schools, 2021 National Best KG teacher Madam Hellen Tanlugu, Wagia Reading project, and others.

Source: David Luri

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