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The Various District and Municipality assemblies have been mandated to levy Immovable property owners for a period of time through a portal known as

The Portal will be used to make payment of property rate, these Including shops, Houses, Industries and Business Centers.

Indirectly, the Development will shoot up cost of renting shops, houses, business centres and also increase Prices of goods and services.

According to the Property Rate Committee, Business Operating Permit and Property Rate are two different entities. Property Rate is a bill levied on your immovable properties/structures while Business Operating Permit is license that permits you to undertake business within an assembly.

So obtaining a business license for your business and settling its dues does not mean you have also settled your Property Rate for your Commercial Properties.

Property Rate payments are made through the platform.


Some factors are taken into consideration during valuation of properties. These factors are, but no limited to:

• location of the property
• size of the property
• type of building materials used
• quality and condition of the property
• type/use of the property i.e. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc.)

are taken into consideration by the Land Valuation Division of the Lands Commission.


Should you feel your property has been overvalued, undervalued or wrongly categorized, lodge a complaint at OR contact us on email
You may also visit your assembly office or call any of the helplines: (0573789722/0558665605) for assistance.

Complaint can also be lodged to rate assessment committee of the district assembly concerned as enshrined in the Local Governance Act 2016 Act 936 section 153.

You can make an advanced payment on your account while waiting for your bill to be sent to you electronically. Kindly follow the steps below.

How to make on-account payment on

1. Open
2. Login to your dashboard
3. Click on On-account balance
4. Scroll down to payment on account
5. Click on pay on account button
6. Enter amount to pay
7. Select payment method to make payment.

Pay property rates ONLY on
Payments elsewhere and to anyone else are INVALID.

Contact 0549986968 / 0204295387 if you need any assistance.


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