Sachet Water Producers of Upper West

The upper west branch Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers has announced another upward increment in the prices of sachet water.

According to the association, the cost of production is high including the rise in tariffs, fuel and packaging material.

A speech read by the regional association secretary, Mr. Wiyor Abass Mbulibee noted that some water produce companies are on the verge of collapsing due to the current cost of production.

He added that, parking bag of hundred pieces in January this year was Gh₵ 16, now Gh₵ 30.

The association lamented that these materials are imported not produce in Ghana and noted that high rate of dollar to the Ghana Cedi is also a heddle to their business.

According to the Association, a bag of sachet water, 500ml by 30pcs, is to be sold at ₵7 maximum from the retail trucks.

Mini shops, however, will retail the commodity at ₵9 per bag maximum. The price of iced sachet water will be retailed at ₵0.50p.

Sachet water companies had increased prices in June 2021 from Gh₵3.00 to Gh₵4.00, the prices were later reviews from Gh₵4.00 to Gh₵5 in November, this was met with fierce resistance and as a result, several Stakeholders took a decision to bring inn water from Kulmasa, Upperwestmedia Team spearheaded the development in partnership with Felicia water company which was selling at Gh₵2.50 by then.

The Sachet water Producers association Chaired by Alhaji Toyiba, producer of Zam Zam Mineral Water Advocated for shops to be locked if they failed to comply.

Several letters were issued to companies including Dayel, Lamdi Ice Threatening to close their plants.

Meanwhile in April 2022, price of Water was reduced from Gh₵5 to Gh₵4 after a close door meeting was held.

Alhaji Toyiba Mahama by Then indicated he had resigned as Chairman.


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