NPP Constituency Chairman of Wa, Osman Hamid

Leader of the New Patriotic Party in the Wa Central Constituency, Mr. Osman Abdul Hamid has indicated that funerals have become a setback to the party financially within the Constituency.

He indicated that he attends not less than four funerals in a day, a development that has resulted in the party’s account running dry.

He revealed the situation on Sungmaale FM’s Bongara Program on October 25th 2022.

“”… We’ve never come across too many funerals as a party compared to This year(2022), lots of party members and Sympathizers of the NPP have died in Wa Central and it’s shocking, for almost 14years, I have attended funerals but the rate of deaths recorded this year is something beyond imagination, we could attend two or three funerals once in a while but as I speak to you, attending funeral have become a norm in 2022, we can attend four funerals in a day, this has resulted in hardship befalling us as a party..”


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