Mr. Inuusah Mahama, Lecturer at UEW- North Campus

A lecturer with the University of Education Winneba who is a native of Upper West Region has gone wild on 6 Teachers whose works have been published by Upperwestmedia Team.

In his reaction to their achievement in publishing books, the Lecturer by name Inuusah Mahama referred to the their books as Pamphlets cautioning the masses to desist from referring to their works as books.

“Hmmm, most these reading documents you have listed are just pamphlets and do not meet up with requirements to be called textbooks. Lets try to contextualize with caution.”

A list of 6 Teachers with Lecturers was released on 26th of October 2022, they were reported to have Published their books in line with Educational standards to improve Education in the Upper West Region and Beyond. The Teachers include Dr. Damasus Tuurosung, Mr. James Dugra, Mr. Saeed Faruk, Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih and Mr. Mumuni Sulemana.

Inuusah Mahama Offered his Secondary Education at Islamic SHS, and proceeded to the university of Cape coast to pursue his first and Second Degree, he Offered PhD in Educational Psychology.

Definition of Book and Pamphlet


A pamphlet is a small print product that includes detailed information on a single subject or a specific event. It is usually printed on a single sheet of paper with the text of the pamphlet on one page and an image or illustration on the opposite side.


A book is a written, printed, illustrated work or blank pages fastened together and bound in covers. Different publications such as novels, dictionaries, encyclopedias, notebooks, textbooks, atlases, guidebooks, etc. are considered as books. According to UNESCO definition, a book is “a bound non-periodical publication having 49 or more pages”. However, USA postal service defines a book as “a bound publication having 24 or more pages.

Dr. Inuusah Mahama is a native of Tabiasi.


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  1. Looking at the definition of a book and pamphlet given, I think what some of them have done is a book, for instance, Dr. Damasus Tuurosung have published books

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