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Its a sad issue to reveal today on our noble platform Upper West Media how a fuel attendant took my loyalty for granted in an attempt to extort money from me.

On the 31st of May 2022 at about 3:30pm, I went to one of the well respected fuel stations in Wa municipality to buy fuel, at the station, i turned my back to the pricing board that indicates the litres and amount, I informed the seller to serve me some litres of fuel equivalent to Ghc20 in my motorbike, she affirmed and went to the board to key inn the figure, unfortunately, my back was rather directed to the board and as a result I couldn’t see what was happening, a gentle man was approaching as i was being issued my fuel at the station and in the process we exchanged greetings, in an attempt to move, I quickly peeped to see what was indicated on the board to be sure I was served fuel worth Ghc20 before I leave, shocking to me, I realise the attendant keyed Ghc10 instead of Ghc20 yet gave me a balance of Ghc80 after I had paid with a denomination of Ghc100.

I confronted the attendant who happens to be a lady and she denied serving below the expected quantity, she suggested to me to hold on in order to check her records and after several minutes of waiting she admitted the attempt of extortion.

I was later issued the right quantity of fuel and I left.
I wouldn’t want to state the Name of the Station because the Right thing has been done afterwards and the attendant was remorseful so I’ll keep her name private. Lets take a cue from that and never turn our back at the fuel board when fuel is being discharged, we sometimes lose money due to lack of focus at the pumps.

A concerned Citizen in Wa and of Ghana.

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