Former Wa Central Constituency Chairman of NDC, Mohammed Sule

Director of Communications for NPP in Upper West Region, Mr. Ahmed Nana Sadat has Indicated that decision makers of the NDC in Wa were very ungrateful to their Former Consituency Chairman, Mohammed Sule.

He made the statements on Sungmaale FM’s Morning Show Program, 8th of November 2022.

Mr. Sadat pointed out that the NDC took a decision to neglect Mohammed Sule when they realized he had used all his resources to support the party.

He compared two instances where their Chairman, Mr. Ali Kamara was given more time in office before he was voted out.

“Mr. Chairman Sule gave hope to the NDC but they paid him back with betrayal,that is the situation right now, when he was on grounds campaigning, we all knew he needed more time to serve NDC but he was kicked out by the delegates in just 4 years. That’s the difference between the two parties”.

Mr. Sadat also indicated that the NPP may have voted their Chairman, Ali Kamara out but he was given more time to serve than Chairman Sule.

“Ali Kamara has served longer as both an executive and Chairman compared to Chairman Sule”.


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